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Are you looking for a CBD Massage in Kansas City?  Massages that utilize CBD infused topical products are now available at Pearl Spa on Main Street near 31st and Main Street, near downtown KC.

NOTE: Due to events out our control, CBD Oil massages are not available to purchase online thru our payment processor.

Introducing CBD Oil Massages, which are the new and improved version of CBD Massage Techniques developed which help you to gain an extra layer of relaxation with the topical treatments we apply to the skin.  We are pleased to be your massage provider for quality CBD Oil Massages in the Kansas City area!

CBD Massage Kansas City Offering

The CBD portion of the hemp-based oil provides nearly-instant relaxation qualities for our clients.  The CBD can help to reduce any inflammation, tension or general pain relief in the body.  The CBD (“Cannabinoid” in cannabis) is absorbed by the skin when CBD Oil (and a fat-soluble substance) are applied to the skin during a massage at our location.  The fat-soluble solution are natural, organic ingredients such as coconut oil which helps to allow the CBD Oil to actually absorb in the body more efficiently.


Kansas City Massage Therapy with CBD

The use of CBD has long been known for its healing properties, but it’s only until recently when the cannabis-derived substance became legal across the nation.  Thanks to the Farm Bill which passed and signed into law in 2018, CBD Oil has been legal since 2019.  You might see a lot of CBD Stores pop-up around town.  We’re the massage spa in Kansas City which has combined the healing properties of therapeutic massages with the application of CBD topical products in the local area.

CBD Products used at Pearl Spa are of the highest quality, and provide you with a level of relaxation which is hard to match.  Would you like to experience the difference?  Go ahead and book appointment today so we can get your scheduled for your next CBD Massage!

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