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Massage Membership is the perfect solution for those who are looking for regular massages at an affordable price. For a monthly fee, you can enjoy reduced rates on all of our massage services and you’ll even earn points each month which can be used towards future visits! Plus, we offer complimentary refreshments and we only use professional massage techniques to ensure your experience is relaxing and stress-free. You can reserve your voucher online in just a few seconds – it’s that easy!


As more and more people understand the importance of massage therapy in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing, Kansas City has made it easier than ever to access this essential service – introducing an affordable membership program that gives members access to massage therapy at reduced rates.

  • REGULAR MASSAGES – Looking for a way to enjoy regular massages at an affordable price? The Massage Membership is the perfect solution! For a monthly fee, you can enjoy reduced rates on all of our massage services and you’ll even earn points each month which can be used towards future visits!
  • PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES – We only use professional massage techniques to ensure your experience is relaxing and stress-free. Plus, we offer complimentary refreshments so you can relax and unwind after your massage.
  • VOUCHERS AVAILABLE ONLINE – You can reserve your voucher online in just a few seconds – it’s that easy! So why wait? Sign up for a Massage Membership today!

Massage therapy has been shown to improve both physical and mental well-being. Physically, it can help with things like increasing blood flow, easing muscular tension, and boosting lymphatic drainage, all of which are crucial for healthy cell function and general well-being. Reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood can have a calming effect on the mind, leading to feelings of calm and an overall improvement in mood.

Take Advantage of Massage Therapy to Enhance Your Health and Happiness.

The low cost of membership in Kansas City’s massage club, as compared to paying for massages individually, is a major selling point for the service. As one’s body becomes acclimated to the therapeutic effects of massages, the benefits of regular sessions with therapists can be amplified through the use of discounted rates and packages adapted to specific needs. Economic benefits include therapists’ increased long-term bookings, which leads to greater job stability and lower client expenses due to less spending on things like promotion, as well as the gain mentioned above for individual users.

Our Kansas City Massage Membership is not only beneficial to the members’ health, but also to their wallets thanks to our low prices.

Therapeutic Massage: The Best There Is for Your Body and Mind

Massage therapy is one of humankind’s oldest documented methods of alternative medicine. Massage is highly therapeutic, doing wonders for the body and the mind thanks to its calming effects and the individual attention it provides. Numerous civilizations have relied on it as a remedy for hundreds of years because of its stress-reducing and immune-boosting properties.

A massage membership near me in KC?… Yes Please!

Some forms of massage, including those using hands or foam rollers, involve applying pressure to, or causing friction between, specific body parts. Muscle tension is reduced with massage, leading to increased blood and lymph flow and better cellular health. Overall health is benefited by this, and one additional benefit is a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream, making it easier to relax and feel happier.

Facial massage, for example, is offered alongside more common types of massage and combines soft strokes and pressure point stimulation to leave the face feeling refreshed and looking radiant. A massage with the addition of a service like a facial can be a great way to unwind and take care of your skin at the same time.

Regardless of the sort of therapy you’re interested in, Kansas City Massage Membership has a plan that will save you money while still giving you access to the best therapists in the area that can meet your specific needs.

My massage was amazing. Was a very nice, clean, comfortable establishment. Very polite and welcoming from the moment I walked in. Very accommodating during the massage as well, to be sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I would recommend making an appointment if you're in the area.

thumb Jacob Isenogle

Excellent service and very professional and thorough Massage. Will delimiters be back

thumb Guilin Jiang

They are great. This is one of the better massages I get. This place is very clean, smells very atmospheric, and has just the right mood music. I like hot stones and they do extraordinary work. Very value for money

thumb Daniel royal

Wonderful experience. Wasn’t having the best day, and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Amazing staff, relaxing environment, and clean/fresh space. Highly recommend!!!!!

thumb Samone Hawthorne

Best massage i had, they fixed my back and lady was very polite. The place is very nice and smells so good.

thumb nelly urta

1958 reviews for Massage Membership

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  1234. Sammog

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  1236. DavisJex

  1237. Marymog

  1238. WilliamLig

  1239. Zakmog

  1240. WilliamLig

  1241. Elwoodasype

  1242. Marymog

  1243. Michaelhiz

  1244. Zakmog

  1245. Michaelhiz

  1246. WilliamLig

  1247. Curtistib

  1248. Michaelhiz

  1249. Elwoodasype

  1250. Richardbus

  1251. Zakmog

  1252. Eyemog

  1253. Eyemog

  1254. JosephTrize

  1255. Ashmog

  1256. Richardbus

  1257. SamuelNow

  1258. SamuelNow

  1259. Elwoodasype

  1260. DarrylJes

  1261. Zakmog

  1262. Richardbus

  1263. Suemog

  1264. Zakmog

  1265. Joemog

  1266. SamuelNow

  1267. Sammog

  1268. Marymog

  1269. Ivymog

  1270. JosephTrize

  1271. Michaelhiz

  1272. Michaelhiz

  1273. DavisJex

  1274. Ashmog

  1275. Curtistib

  1276. Ashmog

  1277. Michaelhiz

  1278. Alanmog

  1279. Zakmog

  1280. Michaelhiz

  1281. DarrylJes

  1282. Eyemog

  1283. Michaelhiz

  1284. Zakmog

  1285. Michaelhiz

  1286. Ivymog

  1287. Curtistib

  1288. Davidhetty

  1289. Zakmog

  1290. Ashmog

  1291. SamuelNow

  1292. Sammog

  1293. Sammog

  1294. Michaelhiz

  1295. DarrylJes

  1296. Ivymog

  1297. Davidhetty

  1298. Joemog

  1299. Elwoodasype

  1300. Jackmog

  1301. DavisJex

  1302. SamuelNow

  1303. JosephTrize

  1304. Suemog

  1305. Elwoodasype

  1306. Elwoodasype

  1307. Curtistib

  1308. JosephTrize

  1309. Joemog

  1310. Ivymog

  1311. Elwoodasype

  1312. Ivymog

  1313. Elwoodasype

  1314. Marymog

  1315. Alanmog

  1316. Eyemog

  1317. Michaelhiz

  1318. Sammog

  1319. Elwoodasype

  1320. Ivymog

  1321. Zakmog

  1322. Alanmog

  1323. SamuelNow

  1324. DavisJex

  1325. DavisJex

  1326. JosephTrize

  1327. Suemog

  1328. Ashmog

  1329. Davidhetty

  1330. Richardbus

  1331. Eyemog

  1332. DarrylJes

  1333. Richardbus

  1334. Alanmog

  1335. DarrylJes

  1336. Suemog

  1337. Davidhetty

  1338. Alanmog

  1339. Richardbus

  1340. Marymog

  1341. Davidhetty

  1342. Ivymog

  1343. Elwoodasype

  1344. Joemog

  1345. Ivymog

  1346. Zakmog

  1347. JosephTrize

  1348. SamuelNow

  1349. Zakmog

  1350. Suemog

  1351. JosephTrize

  1352. Davidhetty

  1353. DavisJex

  1354. Marymog

  1355. DarrylJes

  1356. Suemog

  1357. Zakmog