Headache and Migraine Massage

If you are looking for a massage parlor in Kansas City that will heal your headaches or migraines then look no further than Pearl Spa.

About 90% of adults experience headaches or migraines making it one of the most common health problems. The causes of headaches and migraines are many so it’s often confusing as to what exactly is causing the issue. At Pearl Spa in Kansas City our Massage Therapists will sit down with you and ask questions that will help them hone in on what type of treatment will be most beneficial for you. Headaches can be caused by chemical imbalances, muscular tension, or vascular spasm and sometimes frequent headaches can indicate serious underlying illnesses.

Tension headaches can be common and can be very painful. Therapies like trigger point therapy, and heat therapy have been shown to lessen the pain caused by these type of headaches. They achieve this by pinpointing the muscular tension that causes the tension headache.

Vascular headaches on the other hand are identified by a throbbing pain that flows up through the head. Types of vascular headaches are migraines and sinus headaches and the treatment for these can be massaging the head/neck area to relieve pressure.

Chemical headaches can be brought on by any number of chemical imbalances in the body like low blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, or due to dehydration. One type of headache called a “traction inflammatory headache” is very rare but can be very dangerous because it indicates an underlying health condition. Injuries to the central nervous system can cause headaches that are extreme. These types of headaches can happen suddenly or gradually. Please seek medical attention if you suspect your headaches may be to do this type of injury and do not seek massage as your first healing process.

A Full Body Massage can be very helpful to those experiencing headaches. Something as simple as bad posture can cause pain throughout the body and a Full Body Massage has been shown to alleviate this pain. Massage Therapy that uses hydrotherapy and heat has been shown to pull fluid of a stuffy head, thereby reducing head pressure. The Massage Therapist will indicate the time required to massage a particular area to achieve the best pain relieving results. Massage Therapy may not remove your migraines or headaches completely, but it can reduce their frequency and severity. Many clients have come in with a headache or migraine and after receiving treatment they have been pleased with the reduced pain and pressure.

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