Trigger Point Massage

Are you interested in the best Trigger Point Therapy Massage in Kansas City? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Pearl Spa in Kansas City has the best Trigger Point Therapy Massage in town.

A Trigger Point Massage Therapy consists of identifying pain trigger points in the body which are spasms in the muscle that can also be referred to as “knots.” Trigger points are created by many methods, but most notable due to sports activity, stressful situations and injuries. They are called Trigger Points because they trigger a pain or numbness/tingling sensation in parts of the body. A trained Massage Therapist will follow these Trigger Points via a Trigger Point Pain Pattern to determine the cause/effect of an active trigger point to soothe it. A trained Massage Therapist will be able to soothe both types of trigger points, active and latent.

An Active trigger point is a knot that you can feel without necessarily touching it and when it’s touched it sends pain to another part of your body. For example, if a client has a knot in their neck they can sense this knot, but when it’s touched it creates pain in their temple. A Latent trigger point only creates pain when it’s touched and it doesn’t send pain to other parts of your body. Trigger Point Massage Therapy can provide our clients with initial relief, but done regularly it can be more beneficial.

A secondary benefit of Trigger Point Massage Therapy is that it can improve flexibility for our clients and their range of motion.

When a trigger point is identified and soothed it can initially be painful. An experienced Massage Therapist will hold the trigger point until the pain dissipates and the area relaxes. What is actually happening is blood flow is constricted to the area and when the Massage Therapist releases oxygen rich blood flows to the area, thereby washing away toxins and improving circulation.

As with other Massage Therapy techniques, Trigger Point Massage Therapy is done well when there is great communication between the client and Massage Therapist. At Pearl Spa in Kansas City, we pride ourselves in finding those trigger points quickly and safely to provide our clients with optimum results. Please call today to schedule your Trigger Point Massage Therapy appointment and see how well this treatment will improve your wellness.

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