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At Pearl Spa we offer a range of modalities for massage, and your massage session is personalized based on your preferences. Our Massage Therapists are very attentive to your individual needs, and pressure can be minimized or maximized based on how you like it. Communication is open throughout your session, and your preferences are respected throughout your massage. Additionally, we ensure you get the full amount of time for your massage therapy session without watching-the-clock or cutting your session short. We schedule accordingly, and want to ensure you feel un-rushed, though, efficient with your time with us.


Massage Therapy

We can provide you with massage therapy now available in a variety of modalities.  Feel refreshed and relaxed, learn more about our massage therapy services.


Couples Massage

Join your partner in a relaxing space and get the attention you both need with targeted bodywork. Performed by two massage therapists for the each of you, learn more about couples massages.


Deep Tissue Massage

Get the targeted relief to focus on the healing power of deep tissue massages. A type of massage that gets down deep to the connective tissue we’re targeting, learn more about deep tissue massages.


Full Body Massage

Known for its therapeutic benefits, the full body massage is designed for relaxation and relieving everyday stresses of life. With warm oils or lotion available during your session, learn more about fully body massages.


Thai Massage

A type of massage which first became popular in Thailand, we bring to you in Kansas City – Thai Massage offers deep stretches and flowing movements along with relaxing muscle massages.



With reflexology, various points on the feet and hands are the focus as they correspond to various places in the body in need of extra care and attention. We encourage you to check out reflexology with foot massage services.

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Popular Massage Packages

You deserve the best massage. Check out our popular massage therapy packages!

Couples Spa Packages

Enjoy a spa day as a couple with our selection of couples spa packages now available. Perfect for any occasion, you can both enjoy a massage at Pearl Spa.

Starting From $120

Prenatal Massage Packages

For pregnant women, we offer prenatal massages which are perfect for relaxation and a safe way to enjoy while taking away stress–  in a safe way for you and your baby.

Starting From $60

Monthly Massage Membership

Our monthly massage membership packages come highly-recommended as being an option to indulge in the benefits of massage on a monthly basis.

Starting From $40

Spa Gift Cards

Our services are often given as gifts to loved ones and colleagues.  If you’re ready to give the gift of massage, our spa gift cards are a popular way to give.

Starting From $50
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