Swedish Massage

Are you interested in a great Swedish Massage in Kansas City? Pearl Spa in Kansas City located at 3017 Main Street near Downtown Kansas City has just what you need.

One of the most sought after and oldest styles of massage therapy is Swedish Massage Therapy. It promotes relaxation and has many health benefits. If your life if chaotic and you feel like you need to relax then Swedish Massage Therapy could be for you. Swedish massage in a tranquil massage parlor can be the best way to escape from your stress filled life.

The Swedish Massage Kansas City Locals Can Count On
Swedish Massage Therapy at Pearl Spa in Kansas City are tailored for the needs of individual clients. The five strokes of Swedish Massage Therapy are long gliding, friction, kneading, tapping, and vibration. The long gliding strokes are used to warm the skin and muscles, apply the lubricant, and stimulate the nervous system. The friction strokes gentry rub tissue layers together and increases blood flow stimulating the healing process. Kneading, tapping, and vibration strokes are performed on fleshy parts of the body and designed to work out the built up tension in the muscles and provide a soothing feeling.

Swedish Massage uses light/medium pressure to gently soothe away tension. Don’t be afraid to ask for more intense pressure in areas of concern as this adds no extra cost. At Pearl Spa in Kansas City we can also include hydrotherapy or aromatherapy into any Swedish Massage Therapy process. Swedish Massage Therapy helps to relax, restore, and revive your system. It is the perfect way to minimize stress, chronic pain, and anxiety. The environment at Pearl Spa in Kansas City is an ideal setting to achieve deep relaxation for your Swedish Massage.

A Full body Swedish Massage improves your body by eliminating wastes, improving blood circulation, and soothing your nervous system. Swedish Massage Therapy will provide you with a calming feeling and will provide pain relief for multiple weeks with routine visits. If you’re feeling stressed and your body is sore make a Swedish Massage Therapy appointment with Pearl Spa in Kansas City to refresh your body and mind. You won’t regret your decision of booking a Swedish Massage with Pearl Spa in Kansas City because you’ll feel more relaxed and refreshed. Book a Swedish Massage Therapy session today.

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