Therapeutic Stretching

Have you been looking for therapeutic stretching from experienced massage therapists in Kansas City? No need to look any further than Pearl Spa where we give premium Massage Therapy to support our clients’ active lifestyles.

As you know, stretching is very important for a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter your activity level or physique. Stretching aims to keep your muscles and joints limber and strong. Therapeutic Stretching that is provided by our experienced Massage Therapist will help you keep your flexibility and improve your physical well-being. Therapeutic Stretching is a general type of stretching that encompasses many techniques like Muscle Energy Testing, Isometric Stretching and Active Isolated Stretching. At Pearl Spa in Kansas City we incorporate different stretching techniques in almost all of our Massage Therapy appointments because of its known benefits.

Kansas Citians love the outdoors and enjoy active lifestyles. From the many walking and cycling trails to the many rivers and surrounding lakes for kayaking and water skiing. Good stretching techniques should be used to complement these activities and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An experienced massage therapist can help train you in the proper stretching techniques during your regular massage sessions so you can enjoy these activities for years to come.

Active Stretching is performed with a massage therapist to help promote muscle flexibility with small amounts of muscle stretching that gradually increases in strength. This is opposed to Passive Stretching where a muscle is stretched and help with a hand or via gravity like in a hamstring stretch or toe touch. Active Stretching is ideal prior to initiating an activity while Passive Stretching is done after the activities completion.

A Massage Therapist will assist the client in breathing properly during the stretch, which will result in more flexibility gains that can be achieved with stretching alone. Working with a Kansas City Massage Therapist you can gain more knowledge about your body and its motions and the best way to use stretching in your daily routine.

It is vital that our clients understand that proper stretching techniques start at home. At Pearl Spa in Kansas City we find it very important to educate our members to maintain a healthy lifestyle by using proper stretching techniques in between massage therapy appointments. Therapeutic Stretching will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, minimize injury potential, and increase your overall flexibility.

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